Field Athletic Day!

Japanese Academy of San Diego


On Saturday, October 8th, we held a joint sports day for the preschool and elementary school. Everyone had a great time on this hot and sunny day.

The penguin class and polar bear class children were not as competitive but managed to reach the goal by being cheered on by others. The Iruka class put in their best effort with the motivation of “I want to be number one!” Among the races, everyone was most eager to participate in the donut-eating race and the marshmallow-eating race. Most children were more interested in eating the donuts and wouldn’t run to the finish line until they were finished eating the donut hanging from the string. The marshmallow race was also fun to watch as the children raced across the finish line with cream covering their face and a big marshmallow in their mouth.

We also had a music performance during the half time break. The preschoolers performed a cute “Mickey Mouse Exercise”and Elementary school students presented a beach ball performance to the song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.
We practiced by holding the ball up and aiming to make everyone’s ball movements look neat and organized. The children did a great job, despite how difficult it was up until the day before. Everyone must have felt very confident about the performance because each student had a big smile afterward.

Parent races and tug a war competition was exciting and worth watching! In the obstacle race, the parents jump roped together 10 consequent times. If even one person stumbles, the whole group had to start over. At the end, they had to put their heads to a baseball bat on the ground and spin 5 times! Everyone was staggering back and forth as they ran to the goal! The tug-of-war ended with a landslide victory of the red team. The team had excellent teamwork!

Field Athletic Day!