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After School Program


JASD’s afterschool program is registered as a Heritage School with the California Department of Education and supports students’ growth and learning through its outstanding educational experiences. Our program is a fun place where the joy of learning is valued and students are exposed to the Japanese language and culture.

Program Features

  1. Japanese Language Enrichment: Students attending other schools work on Japanese conversation, reading and writing after school. In addition to Japanese reading and writing, students study a wide range of subjects such as arithmetic and writing. Through individualized instruction, we provide support tailored to the pace of each student’s learning.
  2. Local school support: Our program also provides homework assistance, helping students to better understand the content of their schoolwork.
  3. A variety of activities: Students are provided with time to have fun and play with friends after focusing on their studies and the lessons of the day. Through a variety of activities such as origami, knitting, board games, jumping rope, tennis, soccer, table tennis, and badminton, we nurture communication and cooperation skills.

Program Benefits

  • Strengthening Bilingual Skills: Students will develop their bilingual skills while learning a balance of Japanese and English. Learning in a bilingual environment not only improves communication skills but also beneficial for future careers.
  • Balance of academic support and play: Students experience fun and growth together through an enriching afterschool program that emphasizes both learning and play.
  • International friendships: Students from different backgrounds have the opportunity to interact with each other and build international friendships.


After School Schedule