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About Our School

Tsumiki Preschool and The Japanese Academy of San Diego (JASD) is a preschool to elementary continuous Japanese-English bilingual school. Tsumiki preschool was first founded in 2003 by the request of parents within the San Diego Japanese community. The purpose was to create an environment to learn the heritage language and culture, as well as, providing quality and structured Japanese early education curriculum. In 2013, The Japanese Academy of San Diego (JASD) was established when families in the preschool program requested for a continuous Japanese English Elementary immersion program. The goal was for students to attain bilingualism and bi literacy in both languages. Over the years, this goal has continued and has evolved to set strong academic foundations and to build understanding of different cultures in becoming global citizens.


Our mission is to offer a bilingual, biliterate, multicultural, and strong educational foundation to prepare students in becoming independent, confident, and motivated learners in the global community.

Educational Goals

  • To nurture motivated and curious children

  • To raise kind and sympathetic children

  • To develop strong and independent children

Educational Goals

  • To attain bilingualism and biliteracy to freely and flu- idly utilize Japanese and English

  • To promote independent, confident, motivated think- ers and learners

  • To build a strong academic foundations

  • To become global citizens by deepening understand- ing of multiple cultures and traditions.



Japanese Academy of San Diego

Tsumiki Preschool (Lic.# 376700009)

4811 Mt. Etna Dr
San Diego, CA 92117
phone: (+1) 858-571-7000