Tsumiki Preschool


Our Approach

About the Preschool

The preschool provides Japanese instructed child care and curriculum for children 2 to 5 years of age. We introduce Japanese language, culture, and traditions by implementing traditional Japanese curriculum and learning about various holidays and events. We focus on developing strong foundations for independence and learning in a multicultural and multilingual community.

Our educational philosophy:

☆ Motivated and curious children ☆  明るく好奇心ある子 ☆

☆ Kind and empathetic children ☆  優しく思いやりのある子 ☆

☆ Strong and independent children  ☆ 強く自立心ある子 ☆

Our Story


More about us...

Our schedule and curriculum are unique to the Japanese culture and customs. We provide a structured curriculum in Japanese, introduce cultural events and provide homemade hot lunches.


Our classes, customs, & schedule

Age appropriate instruction rooted in our culture

Culture and Events

Culture & Community

Participating in cultural and community events

Hot Lunches

Homemade and Healthy

Every meal is hand made and nutritiously well balanced

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