Preschool Curriculum


The preschool curriculum and schedule is similar to Japanese preschools in Japan and oriented to the culture. The curriculum,  which is from 9 AM to 1 PM is structured and follows a routine that is age appropriate for each developmental stage. We emphasize structure, routine, and independence for all activities in each class.


The activities held in each class are prepared based on the children's developmental stage. They are also developed so children are challenged and have the opportunity to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge.


7 AM ~ 9AM                   Drop off

9 AM ~ 9:30 AM            Morning greeting and songs

Story time and finger play

9:30 AM ~ 9:45 AM      Bathroom and washing hands

9:45 AM ~ 10 AM          Morning Snack

10 AM ~ 10:15 AM         Circle time

(numbers, calendar, hiragana, holidays, themes)

10:15 AM ~  10:45 AM   Crafts (based on theme, season, or holiday)

10:45 AM ~ 11:15 AM     Group games, dance, and large motor skill activities

11:15 AM ~ 11:30 AM     Preparing nap sheets, bathroom, hand washing

11:30 AM ~ 12:15 PM     Lunch and cleaning

12:15 PM ~ 12:25 PM    Circle time and story time

12:25 PM ~ 1:00 PM     Outside play

After Curriculum Hours Schedule

1:00 PM ~ 2:45 PM      Nap Time

2:45 PM ~ 3PM            Cleaning up nap sheets, bathroom, hand washing

3 PM ~ 3:30 PM           Afternoon snack

3:30 PM ~ 6PM           Alternating from indoor play, outdoor play, and crafts

Children are picked up gradually between 3PM to 6 PM for full timers.