JASD Curriculum

JASD combines the academic requirements of the Japanese education system and California State Department of Education standards. The intertwined learning of both standards sets a challenging and rich learning environment, where students can set foundations for academics, creativity, critical thinking, moral and ethical values.

Language (Japanese and English)

Students will obtain fundamental competence in Japanese and English. With strong Japanese skills built from the preschool program, JASD students are taught Japanese as a continuum of the preschool program. English is gradually introduced to the students starting in Kindergarten from a twice a week for several hours.

  • Reading- Hiragana, katakana, and Kanji are taught based on Japanese text books and workbook curriculum. English vocabulary and introductory reading is introduced to attain dual language reading skills.
  • Writing- Memorization, communication, and repetition are emphasized in both languages to acquire writing skills. Students will start with letter and progress to words and sentences through repetitive practice.



Kindergarten to 2nd grade is when fundamentals of mathematics is most important. Math is taught in Japanese based on the Japanese mathematic curriculum. At this early age, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and simple geometry is taught and reinforced with word problems.

Art, Music, and Dance

  • Art- Art classes are held weekly to promote student's creativity and artistic senses. Students can express their creativity by utilizing various materials to draw and make sculptures.
  • Music and Dance- Dancing to music and various musical instruments are introduced to students and are practiced with a set goal of performing at community events and at the end of the school year.

Civic and Moral Education

Learning about civic and moral values is culturally ingrained in the Japanese education system. Therefore, students acquire civic values through class interactions and routine tasks through out the day. Moral education is implemented in the curriculum through stories read in for language acquisition and group work.