After School Program

Japanese Language Acquisition

Japanese reading and writing learning emphasis. Students will work on Japanese literacy skills, with curriculum designed for each students level.

Peer Communication in Japanese

Conversations in Japanese with teachers, as well as peers from various age groups. This after school program offers full Japanese immersion.  Not only do teachers converse in Japanese, but fellow students will be in full Japanese conversation mode.

Play in Japanese

Language and conversation skills are heightened through play and games with peers. Students play games and sports after study time.

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After school: study, play, and socialize

Students who attend the after school program benefit, not only through studying and doing desk work, but also through play and socializing with peers. Conversation with peers will help students enhance their Japanese vocabulary and enable students to use what have learnt.


Attendance days are flexible; starting from once a week to five days a week. After school hours are from 3 to 6 PM or 1 to 6 PM for half days.


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